Bio Mileager Fuel Saver
• Bio Mileager Fuel Saver Multifunctional additive with unique Detergent & dispersant formula for all diesel engines. Bio Mileager Fuel Saver is a premium diesel fuel additive, with outstanding clean-up and keep-clean properties. Most convenient to use by adding to the fuel tank in the recommended proportion.
  • Features
• Increases fuel average of the engine by 25 to 30% guaranteed
• Clean carbon deposits of injector & maintain proper spray pattern.
• Maintains peak engine performance and gives fuel economy.
• Removes piston rings deposits.
• Reduce visible smoke and harmful emissions.
• Prolongs injector and fuel filter life.
• Protects against rust and corrosion.
• Improves cold startbility, reduces idling noise and missing.
• It gives extended life to injector, injection pumps and prevents wear & tear.
• Decrease consumption of fuel.
• Increase the pickup of your vehical.
• Increase the life cycle of your vhecial.
  • Applications
• Recommended for all equipments, cars , jeeps, LCVs, trucks, busus and off highway equipments
  • Usage: 2ml for 1 Liter Diesel
  • Pack Size:  40ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1 Lit Bottle.
Bio Mileager Cetane Booster
• Diesel fuels combustion at different speeds depending on their quality, It’s combustion speed is called the Cetane number. A higher Cetane number means better quality fuel and increased performance. Bio Mileager Cetane Booster maximize performance by increasing your diesel’s Cetane number by up to 2, so no matter what you put in your vehicle, you will be sure that it is receiving the best. Add to a full tank of diesel and use regularly for best results.
  • Features
• Increases the cetane number in diesel by up to 2 numbers.
• Maximizes performance and acceleration.
• Provides needed lubrication for low Sulphur fuel.
• Cleans injectors and removes deposits in the fuel system.
• Suitable for all diesel engines.

  • Usage: 
  • Pack Size:  500ml Bottle
Bio Mileager Diesel Advance Fuel System Cleaner
• Diesel Advance Fuel System Cleaner is a herbal fuel additives which are an easy way to keep you diesel engine vehicles healthy. Bio Mileager Diesel Advance Fuel System Cleaner is a 100% herbal diesel additive fuel additive with a strongest available detergent ever discovered thus far to keep fuel injectors clean and to maintain the health of your engine.
  • Features
• Increase fuel economy.
• Restore power and acceleration.
• Reduce emissions.
• Protect from corrosion.
• Use every 3000 miles.

  • Usage:  
  • Pack Size:  500ml Bottle
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