Bio Mileager Diesel Engine Oil Additives

Bio Mileager Diesel Engine Oil Additives are multifunctional additives that possess outstanding thermal oxidation stability characteristics. The proposed concentration of this additive is added to finished oils that exceed engine test performance requirements for API classification.

  • Features
• Cleans-Up Injectors & Keeps them further clean.
• It maintain appropriate viscosity at all operating temperatures &   conditions, especially at cold starting and high ambient temperatures,   ensures better lubrication.
• Minimizes Environmental Emissions.
• Improves Fuel Efficiency resulting in 5% saving.
• Reduces engine maintenance cost.
• Reduces storage tank & fuel tank corrosion.
• Minimizes Foaming Character of Diesel.
• Reduces spillage of Diesel.
• Use every 3500 Kms.

  • Usage: 50ml per liter of engine oil
  • Pack Size:   100 ml, 200 ml.

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