Diesel Engine Oil
Bio Mileager Extra Premium Diesel Engine Oil
These oils are high quality multigrade engine oil, meeting API:CF-4/SJ plus MB 228.1 performance requirements, formulated from selected high quality group II base oils and additives, to suit petrol and diesel engines, operating under severe duty conditions.
  • Features
• Superior quality low ash, low phosphorus crankcase oil for light and   heavy duty commercial vehicles operating on CNG.
• Excellent control on oxidation and nitration.
• Exceptional control on deposits and wear.
• Provides excellent protection against high temperature, engine   deposits, ring groove carbon, piston and bearing lacquer, top deck and   crankcase sludge.
• High viscosity index provides optimum film thickness & strength under   severe operating conditions.
  • Applications
The oils are suitable for use in Super-charged and Turbo charged diesel engines
  • Precautions
• Always change filter when changing engine oil.
• Short trips; stop-and-go traffic; excessive dust or dirt-such conditions are very hard for engine oils and may lead to frequent oil changes.

  • Pack Size:  1 Lit, 5 Lit, 50 Lit, 100 Lit, 200 Lit, 210 Lit.
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