Bio Mileager Furnace Oil Additive
• Bio Mileager Furnace Oil Additive is a 100% herbal extract which reduces Friction, dissipates heat - minimizes wear. Protects against sludge - maximizes engine life. Optimal viscosity & temperature characteristics - reliable for all weather operation. Anti-foaming and anti-oxidation characteristics.
  • Features
• Reduces viscosity of Furnace Oil at ambient temperature. Hence   improves flow characteristics & pump ability.
• Dissolves sludge & gummy residues from the oil.
• Works as an anti corrosion agent separates water from oil.
• Reduces excess air requirement of boiler.
• Accelerates combustion process due to reduced flash point of Furnace   Oil. Thus saves Production time.
• Keeps heat transfer area clean.
• Solves chocking/ clogging problems of filters/ strainers/ nozzles.
• Improves combustion efficiency by catalytic actions.
• Smoother running of Boilers/Furnaces due to reduced carbon   deposition.

  • Usage: 10 ml Per Lit.
  • Pack Size:  500 ml, 1 Lit, 5 Lit, 20 Lit, 50 Lit, 210 Lit.
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