Bio Mileager LSD Oil
• LSD oil is a supplement additive designed specifically for use in limited slip differentials to overcome problems with squeal, squawk or chatter.
  • Features
• Compatible with hypoid and limited slip gear oils.
• Can be used in mineral or synthetic oils.
• Improves differential performance
• Reduces squeal, squawk or chatter.
• These Modifies clutch plate friction.
• Increases equipment life and promotes better equipment efficiency..
• Simplifies handling, logistics and promotes inventory rationalization.
• Easy pour spout bottle for rear axle housing.
• Provides flexibility to meet many market needs.
• Excellent corrosion protection for differential component durability.
• Excellent protection against oil seal deterioration.
• Outstanding shear stability to maintain fluid viscosity and film thickness   under high to severe operating conditions.
• Limited Slip differential and rear axle passenger car where API GL-5 or   GL-6 is recommended
• Good oxidation and thermal stability for longer oil service life.

  • Pack Size:  500ml,  1 Ltr,  3 Ltr,  3.5 Ltr,  5Ltr,  7.5 Ltr,  10 Ltr,  20 Ltr,  50 Ltr.
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