Bio Mileager LSHS Oil
• These products are used in Boilers and Furnaces. These Fuels contain low Sulphur, Sodium and Vanadium due to which it leads to higher maintenance cost. Bio Mileager LSHS Oil is added to Residual Fuel to help disperse insoluble residue and to modify deposits formed on combustion. This Additive is formulated to benefit in fuel handling system in terms better combustion of fuel in Boilers / Furnaces.
  • Features
• Low Sulphur Content.
• Highly Protect from corrosion both at high and low temperature.
• Advantageous from the environmental point of view.
• Emits lessor quantity of sulfer-di-oxide.
• Eco-friendly, 100% Herbal Multi fuel multi functional bio additive.
•Tackles and improves ignition in starting point of FO.
•Cleans and scrapes out clogs and chocked furnace nozzle.
•Performs stable atomizing flow uniform spray of furnace oil for superior  flame from Burners nozzle due to atomizing by 30% to 40 % inlet.
•Prevents further copper strip corrosion after adding additive.
•Prolongs chimney life due to neutralized Sulphur acidic exhaust.
•Minimizing pumping pressure to 30% to 40% lesser inlet pressure  maintained after adding additive forming improved fluidity.
•Increases fuel economy and save fuel conservations in  benefits to both user and the Eco System and the Nation.

  • Pack Size:  3 Ltr,  3.5 Ltr,  5Ltr,  10 Ltr,  20 Ltr,  50 Ltr,  100 Ltr,  210 Ltr.
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