For More than 10 years our Masters of Ayurveda were worked on herbal petrol additive, and invented herbal enzyme 3 yrs ago, which are rarely available on this earth. All types of clinical testing were carried out from last 3 yrs and finally stable, petrol soluble, Nonpoisonous; non-reactive (to human skin) petrol additive is invented and is ready for use.

New technologies soon led to the creation of an extensive line of non-toxic, food-grade lubricants. These were designed for clean industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics processing.

Through continued research and field-testing, Shreeniwas Innovations further expanded with its ranges of biodegradable mining and industrial lubricants. Specialized eco-friendly marine products followed, increasing their market base.

Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, Shreeniwas Innovations developed an Environmental Carbon Management (ECM) system to reduce energy usage and the release of greenhouse gases.

SIPL believes in R & D is a daily routine that should be practiced and bring more products to forth fold for benefitting our economical fuel conservation for the growth of the Nation and also to set a globally trade mark for every country's economical fuel conservation and step footprint in brining ‘Green Foot Print’ mark to a greater scale world wide.

Mode of Action

“Bio MileagerTM the 100% herbal extract when mixed with Petrol or Diesel, It breaks the unburned hydro-carbon molecular chain, which result in producing booster hydrogen properties. It helps to improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel which results into increase the Average & Torque of the engine. It also reduces the deposited carbon from the piston & the engine cylinder which in turn reduces the friction & engine noise.

Bio MileagerTM helps in improving combustion & reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) & other GHGs contents from the engine exhaust. It ultimately results in improve the vehicle mileage & reducing the air & sound pollutions.

With our Consistent R&D effords We are successfully produce wide range of lubricant products as bellow.

1. Engine Oils
2. Gear Oils
3. Brake Oils
4. Hydrolic Oils
5. Industrial Lubricants
6. Coolant Oils
7. Automotive & Industrial Grease


Shreeniwas innovation pvt. Ltd will be supporting save the earth initiative program by planting a tree with a cause to save the trees and wildlife endangered animals and rain forests.

The final contributions to the nature will be carried out by tests and results by the companies that are using our additive. (read data sheet) that will earn its green foot prints and liabilities for generating and selling it to other Countries who do not have generated a green foot print in their daily and monthly fuel consumptions. The possibilities are expected to be higher than profits and saving of fuel costs.

Likewise we all have a mission to save the earth and the eco system to constantly maintain the natural eco balance. Responsibility of all the living beings and loving this planet earth to save it for the future for a healthier living.

"Ultimately SIPL leads to Save Fuel, Save Nature, Save Money"

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