Bio Mileager Petroleum Refinary Additive
  • Features
• Increases fuel average of the engine by 30 to 60% Guaranteed
• Eco-friendly, 100% Herbal Multi fuel multi functional bio additive for   petrol vehicles
• Removes carbon from engine hence reduces friction
• Removes black smoke by 80%
• Reduces engine noise 20% resulting smoother rides
• Saves petrol vaporization 5% - 10%
• Increases engine power and torque by 20%
• Smooth drive quick without knocking noise, backfire, delay time chain   etc.
• Totally prevents corrosion in fuel tank & cleans fuel supply in carburetor

  • Usage: 10 ml Per Lit. Petrol
  • Pack Size:  10ml, 40ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr Bottle.
I am using the Bio Mileager from last one year and I found ...
when I came to know about Bio Mileager ,I started..
I am a regular user of Bio Mileger for my two wheeler. ...
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