Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Though formed in the year 2010, He has his own R & D and research worked hard for the past 7 years from 2003. Deepak Rane has done has intimation towards Ayurveda with the help of his father Mr. Prakash Rane under his immense guidance started working in the direction of Bio Additives and clean Bio Fuel production. It took 3 years for Mr. Rane to invent the basic formulation of Petrol and Diesel additive which not only boasted the saving of fuel upto 40%, but also increase the life of engines and other parts related to it. It took another 3 years to get the perfect formula and with thousands of trials for the perfect formula which was ready to be used in the market in the year 2009. Our company Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. was formed in the year 2010 and also get all the required Certificate and got the product patented since then the product has been used by the lacks of end users. The firm belief and clear vision to manifest of a clean Earth is not a dream now anymore thus the responsibility we carry regarding our product to be the one and only 100% Herbal multi fuel, multi-functional Bio Additive.

Mr. Rane didn’t stop there he believed R & D is a daily routine that should be practiced and bring more products to forth fold for benefitting our economical fuel conservation for the growth of the Nation and also to set a globally trade mark for every country's economical fuel conservation and step footprint in brining ‘Green Foot Print’ mark to a greater scale world wide.

Year 2010 has set a new era for the company where they diversified into Auto and Industrial Lubricating oils and Greases. Company since then has complete dealer and distributor network throughout Maharashtra and Goa which successfully sells additives, oils and other products.

The next step was the invention of waste plastic to Biofuel which was tested and implemented in the year 2013, this is a revolutionary concept which not only turns waste plastic a menace in global warming to clean Biofuel which can be used by consumers as well as large scale industries.

Company Motto

•   Our Motto is to transform the earth in to better future with cleaner and greener fresher air and a
    World free from carbon effects and Global Warming.

Our Mission

•   To ensure continuous expansion of the company, by elevating the standards of our products
    and services thus improving customer satisfaction.

•   To diversify our product-range based on elaborate research and development.

•   To create growth opportunities and maximize share holder value.

•   To abide commitment to safety, healthy and environment.

Our Vision

•   Evolve as a world-Class company offering manifold business solutions.

•   Have pan India presence with dealer networks in each and every state of India.

•   Ensure a private equity partnership to raise funds and expand the business foothold nationally.

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