Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has fully equipped RnD technology Lab which helps in continuous development and perfection of its long list of products. Over the period of several years the company have got all the required certifications and patents required by its different products. The base of all our study is 100 % herbal thus , such is the Guarantee of the product that it will save both money and successfully put into practice the fuel saving conservation yielding fruitful beneficial profits in health and wealth together.

SIPL believes in R & D is a daily routine that should be practiced and bring more products to forth fold for benefitting our economical fuel conservation for the growth of the Nation and also to set a globally trade mark for every country's economical fuel conservation and step footprint in brining ‘Green Foot Print’ mark to a greater scale world wide.

Mode of Action Bio MileagerTM the 100% herbal extract when mixed with Petrol or Diesel, It breaks the unburned hydro-carbon molecular chain, which result in producing booster hydrogen properties. It helps to improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel which results into increase the Average & Torque of the engine. It also reduces the deposited carbon from the piston & the engine cylinder which in turn reduces the friction & engine noise. Bio MileagerTM helps in improving combustion & reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) & other GHGs contents from the engine exhaust. It ultimately results in improve the vehicle mileage & reducing the air & sound pollutions.

1. Tested and certified by Automotive Research Association of India Pune   (India) as per guidelines of PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Delhi.)

2. Tested & approved by NABL (Govt. of India) Accredited Laboratories as per BIS 2796 2000 ASTM, IP (Indian Petroleum), IS (Indian Standard) UOP (Universal oil Procedure) methods.

3. Have more than 12 patents for additives and research.

4. Shreeniwas Innovation Pvt.Ltd. is registered in Department of Electronics Science in pune University

Bio Mile Fuel Saver

Certification from GEO CHEM

Bio Mile Fuel Saver

Certification from ARAI

Bio Mile Fuel Saver

Certification from Science & Technology park University of Pune.

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