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Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL)

We are the Pioneers of 100% Herbal Additive Manufacturers for Petrol, Diesel, Furnace Oil, LDO, LSHS, Naph tha, Methanol, Ethanol, BIO Ethanol Additive, BIO Diesel. The application and Usage are Multipurpose. Our Product is guaranteed to perform in all weather conditions, The results are remarkable and outstands the other Fuel Additive which are not herbal but chemical based.

In short our Research and Development is Pioneered to be the Only One producing 100% Herbal Extracts Fuel Additive. It is totally safe and ECO friendly. The product is BIO MILEAGER TM Multi fuel, multi functional bio additive, 100% Herbal with no side effects. Standing ahead in performance and tests proven in Multifunctional fields of applications and implementations.

SIPL introduce the next generation of world-leading lubricants.

Bio MileagerTM not only increases efficiency but also reduces the pollutions.

   Why SIPL?

At Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) we believe the possibility and our vision to manifest the true and clean Earth is not a dream anymore thus the responsibility we carry is entrusted to our product to be the one and only 100% Herbal multi fuel multi functional bio additive.

As we are the Pioneers of Bio MileagerTM 100% Herbal multi fuel multi functional bio additive, Our product is guaranteed to be in standard for authenticity and reliability proven in lab test and as well as rigorous on field tests carried by expert, record proves.

SIPL’s Bio Mileager is certified by Automotive Research Association of India, (ARAI) Pune.

We are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laborites, NABL (Govt. Ind.) as per BIS 2796 2000 ASTM, IP( Indian Petroleum) IS (Indian Standard) UOP ( Universal Oil Procedure) method.

Weather it is a petrol two wheeler or 18 wheelers diesel truck or any big industrial fuel consuming forging industry, Our product stands on its name, that calls any query or challenge in fuel saving and economical fuel conservations method to prove our liability better our client speaks what they have gained and found in our utmost endeavor to cut cost of fuel consumptions by economical fuel conservations through our additive. R&D is still a our daily routine practice and bring more products to forth fold for benefiting our economical and fuel conservation to the growth of the Nation and become globally trade mark for every country's economical fuel conservation and step forward in bring Green Foot Print mark to a greater scale worldwide.

Shriniwas Innovation pvt. Ltd.

   Company Motto

Our Motto is to transform the Earth into a better future with cleaner and greener fresher Air and a World free from Carbon effects and Global Warming.

   Save Fuel, Save Nature, Save Money.

Determined by a sole purpose of coming up with a unique means - to save our natural resources, economics and beyond, Bio Mile Fuel Saver (Biomileager) was invented. The 100% herbal petrol additive is explicitly formulated to counter the current fuel crisis, as well as help us to act responsibly towards conserving the equilibrium of nature by significantly reducing the damaging automobile emissions. Thus, meaning to lessen the cause of air pollution, in the long run.

Bio Mile Fuel Saver (BioMileager) is our bit to the society; a minute but a very effective contribution towards diminishing the cause of global warming. Our Save Fuel, Save Nature, Save Money slogan is a call to those who strive to benefit both individually and socially.

   Company Achievements.

Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has proven its products achievements form continuous research and development in making a perfect 100% Herbal multi fuel, multi functional bio additive with results on fields and real situations scenario.

Achievements are performed every minute by our 2/3/4 wheeler petrol and diesel user and the companies that have been using our Furnace Oil Additive in Forging Industries, Boilers, Petrol, Diesel, LDO, LSHS, Naphtha, Methanol, Ethanol, BIO Ethanol Additive, BIO Diesel to commonly any petrol and diesel vehicles in daily use.

SIPL is also has wide range of products like Engine Oil, Gear oil, Break oil, Hydrolic oil, Industrial Lubricants, Coolant oils, Automotive & Industrial Grease.

SIPL products will save both money and successfully put into practice the fuel saving conservation yielding fruitful beneficial profits in health and wealth together.

"SIPL leads to Save Fuel, Save Nature, Save Money"

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