About Us

Our Mission

  • To continuously expand the company, by elevating the standards of our products and services that will further help in customer satisfaction.
  • To diversify our product-range based on elaborate research and development.
  • To create growth opportunities and maximize share holder value.
  • To abide commitment to safety, health and environment.

Our Vision

  • To evolve as a world-class company by offering manifold business solutions.
  • To have pan-India presence with dealer networks in each and every state of India.
  • Make sure a private equity partnership to raise funds and expand the business foothold nationally.


Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is leading amongst the Automotive players in the Lubricant sector, with its product portfolio including a wide array of Automotive Lubricants, Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, Greases.Other Products are Brake fluid, Coolants etc.
The company has many certifications to its credit and has been thriving in the sector due to the impeccable quality of its products.

Mr. Deepak Prakash Rane

Managing Director

Mr. Prakash Ramchandra Rane

Sr. Director





word from Managing Director

Bio Mileager Diesel Fuel Additives protect vehicles in severe weather conditions. They increase horsepower and enhance fuel economy. Additionally, they provide lubrication and reduce wear of injectors and other critical components. They keep the engine and its components clean by preventing deposit buildup. There is a reduction in smoke and particular emissions thus, preventing air pollution. They help in removing water, preventing rust and corrosion. The fuel quality is upgraded and it gets stabilized. Lastly, there is an increase in the efficiency of diesel by a minimum 30%.

Mr. Deepak Prakash Rane.

Managing Director

word from Senior Director

Bio Mileager's expertise in the oils and lubricants industry is reflected in the range of products and their benefits offered. The fuels are designed to address all major common fuel-related problems such as cold weather conditions, low sulfur lubricity, hard starting/low power, etc. The fuels also help in removing water and increasing the life of diesel.

Mr. Prakash Ramchandra Rane.

Sr. Director